Mysterious Allure of Black And White Photography

Black and white photography has always held a special allure. They possess a timeless quality that transcends the constraints of color and allows the viewer to experience the essence of the subject in its purest form. Black and white photography has the power to evoke emotions, create depth, and captivate the audience with its raw […]

Fun Facts about Makeup on Fashion Photo Shoot

Makeup plays a vital role in fashion photography, as it helps to enhance the visual appeal of every photo shoot. The makeup artist is responsible for creating a flawless look for the model, enabling them to shine even when faced with numerous cameras and powerful lighting. In this way, makeup is essential in determining the […]

Three Female Fashion Photographers who Changed the Industry

If you’ve ever heard the saying “Women cannot take better pictures than men,” it’s time to eliminate that prejudice.   In celebration of Women’s History Month, which takes place every March to honor the contributions of women throughout history and contemporary society, BAZA Photo would like to acknowledge and express gratitude to three prominent female […]