How to Shoot Macro Beauty to Simplify Retouching Effectively?

  Currently, we have seen a lot of high-end Macro Beauty shots featuring polished skin and gorgeous makeup. To reach that standard of beauty, sometimes we have to deal with struggles in retouching. In this article, Bazaphoto is happy to share some tips to shoot the photo type, which we have learned from professional photographers […]

What should the model take for advertising?

A nice promotional photo that pops up is a combination of photographic elements, shooting space, shooting practice, and models hired to interact with the product in the photo. Each element is critical and determines the success of the promotional image. The model is considered to be “the spirit of the product,” or it is the […]


Seasonal shifts of the year often give us different emotions, and there are also new trends. Many fashion photographers often create ideas that go-ahead for at least one season, and thus keeping up with trends is paramount in this area. In addition, anticipating the upcoming style to become fashionable is also part of the job […]

These trends are tracking PHOTOGRAPHY

Photography has grown steadily in the past few years with many interesting changes. According to research by photographers, these changes will still ensure the development of many different trends. Let’s take a closer look at the top trend of photography in the near future The development of young photographers People are increasingly utilizing technology to […]