In 2006, a US photographer, Tim Mantoani, rented a large-format camera: the 20×24 Polaroid captured portraits of world-famous photographers standing in the picture that helped them out. He took the title of “Behind Photographs” with the intention of saving the present portrait of over 150 as the author behind the photos we still glorify. Each of their photos is a great story for humanity and their lives are also great stories in the world of photography.

The camera used by Tim Mantoani to make this photo is the 20×24 Polaroid. This is a camera of the type “instant camera” film taken in large format: 20 inches x 24 inches produced by Polaroid. Currently, this line is very rare in the world but many people like to use, and in the United States, people often go to some Studio or Polaroid agent to hire for a photo project only. At present, the small camera “camera” is pretty much produced by Fujifilm and Polaroid produces only the biggest 8×10 “.

Steve McCurry – Girl In Afghanistan

Steve McCurry: Peshawar, Pakistan 1984. “I found this girl for 17 years and met in 2002. Her name is Sharbat Gula.”

Jeff Widener – Beijing 1989

Harry Benson – The Beatles

Harry Benson: Beatles manager- Brian Epstein said they were number one in the US and I came to them in New York in 1964.

Lyle Owerko – 9/11

Lyle Owerko: Nobody knows that peace will be a great pain for all humanity at one moment. This photo is just a small corner of the whole event and of thousands of stories with millions of people telling each other. No writing, no sound, no taste, and no voice can remain in my mind that day. I can only do one thing is to shoot the camera on 9/11 tragic it. I hope all wounds will heal, wisdom and peace will repel darkness and hatred, the human race goes forward in grace and peace of understanding.

Marry Ellen Mark – Ringmaster With Elephant

Marry Ellen Mark: I was holding a photo of myself taken by Ram Singh Prakash and his beloved elephant in 1990. The picture taken in India is part of the whole project of The Great Golden Circus. I. I love India. Singh died a few months after the photo was taken.

Thomas Mangelsen – Brown bear

Thomas Mangelsen: Photographed at Brooks Falls National Park in Katmai National Park, Alaska in July 1988.

David Doubilet – Circle Of Barracuda

David Doubilet: Circle of Barracuda, New Ireland, Papua New Guinea. 70% of the planet is the ocean and there is the innumerable infinite beauty. There, the light changed very strangely, apparently without a straight line, like a perfect circle. A world without angles.

May Pang – John Lennon

May Pang: A photo I call “family portrait” taken at Long Island Sound NY in 1974

Meil Leifer – Ali vs. Liston
Neil Leifer: Ali vs. Liston – May 25, 1965, Lewiston, Mayne

Vincent Laforet – Me And My Human

Vincent Laforet: I was fortunate to see wonderful things in my career twenty years ago. Lots of beautiful scenery that with others may not be; or important moments in history or events in the course of life. One of the things I learned from aerial photography is that there is no step back.

Bob Gruen – John Lennon
Bob Gruen: John Lennon calls me to take a picture of the cover of the album ‘Walls + Bridges’ in eastern New York. After taking a series of photos for the cover. I asked him if he had a New York City t-shirt and we did it.

Elliott Erwitt – Two Dogs With Owner

Elliott Erwitt: I shot 1974 on the street from my apartment in Central Park – New York.

Lori Grinker – Mike Tyson
Lori Grinker: Mike Tyson – 1980.

Nick Ut – Napalm Attack In Vietnam
Nick Ut: June 8, 1972 in Trang Bang. The girl in the photo was Kim Phuc who was 9 years old in the Napalm bomb.

Herman Leonard – Jazz Musicians
Herman Leonard: I shot in early 1948 at Royal Roost – NY. It was the only session where I could take pictures of the great Jazz.

Douglas Kirkland – Marilyn Monroe

Carl Fischer – Muhammad Ali
Carl Fischer: Muhammad Ali, New York, 1967

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