Seasonal shifts of the year often give us different emotions, and there are also new trends. Many fashion photographers often create ideas that go-ahead for at least one season, and thus keeping up with trends is paramount in this area. In addition, anticipating the upcoming style to become fashionable is also part of the job requirement, especially in model development and fashion.

Fashion photography is considered one of the most popular forms of communication and has a strong influence on portraiture as well as many other photography genres. So what trends can we expect in the future?

Rosy, Peachy and Golden

Color grading is coming back and the colors are strongly inspired from the 2017 winter color collection and the Pantone Summer 2018. Not just a few clicks of Photoshop, the tones are meticulously detailed and accurate with colors as evocative of paintings. Even brands that are famous for this color are also photographed models with skin tone, rose, peach, yellow.

Color effects over time are determined by Pantone

Mood Lighting

On the light, the barriers have been lifted dramatically. The use of natural light is available to create outstanding angles that are required. Photographic photography in harsh light conditions and alternative shading effects has been replaced by mixed and traditional light sources.

Besides, the light in the studio is no longer created by bright backdrops with low ISO, it is embossed and embraces the subject in a subtle way. That reflects the maturity of the control skills and craftsmanship of the photographer.

Darker Midtones

The backlight is a great combination of dark background and gloomy light, giving a general look and feel of the image. Art direction of the editorials of major magazines such as Harper’s Bazaar Porter and tied to the story with darker colors can create a unified fashion.