Photography has grown steadily in the past few years with many interesting changes. According to research by photographers, these changes will still ensure the development of many different trends. Let’s take a closer look at the top trend of photography in the near future

The development of young photographers

People are increasingly utilizing technology to make more connections. In particular, the creation of online forums for photographers, especially young photographers, so that they can easily exchange ideas and learn from each other. In addition, mobile devices such as smartphones and tablets also contribute to supporting young photographers in their professional development. Even simpler than traditional methods, they are able to edit video with the applications available on their smartphones

Colors are used more abundantly

Classical images are expected to increase thanks to the introduction of built-in filters on applications such as Instagram. Colors will become more real and lively, and the use of colors will be directed towards the original photographic art. The combination of bold colors will be utilized to stimulate the attention and excitement of viewers. In addition, black-and-white photography will create photographs over time. This trend has already existed but is expected to develop further in the future. Add-on effects such as 3D for white materials will make the design look more natural and realistic.


Real photos with natural design

Many photographers are expected not to abuse image editing by 2018. The use of filters makes many people feel that they have not met the standards yet and want to make even more perfect. As a result, photographers are prone to create raw images that are natural from the raw file and do not need to be edited by investing in high-quality devices instead of using filters. Utilizing natural designs such as marbled or woody textures is also expected to make the image more natural and authentic.


Creative industries will have more to offer

2018 is expected to be flooded with creative works from photographers. The development of new technologies has created many opportunities for them to take advantage and to work. The world is becoming more and more connected through communities sharing ideas from everywhere. As a result, the network of photographers is also expanding as creators can easily share their work with a larger audience. This will help young photographers have more opportunities to learn and develop their skills than ever before. The 2018 photo trend will be a combination of emotions and viewers’ conversations for outstanding events.


Better not mean the camera will have to be bigger

A good camera is important to ensure success in photography. Many still think that a bulky camera will produce higher quality images. However, by 2018, the camera will become smaller but still performs better than previous models, making it much more convenient to carry with them or move them. Therefore, this trend is expected to thrive for those who prefer to record trips for memorabilia or enthusiasts to explore unique, rugged lands.

Art Photography (Fine Art Photography)

Art photographers have made great strides in creating amazing works. This field is now becoming more and more popular with customers. Digital cameras are becoming more advanced with creative industry players by adding striking strokes to the message. In the future, the development of free online resources gradually makes photographers have no reason to participate in trade shows. Images can now be uploaded to social networks such as Facebook, or to free-of-charge sources, and as a result, trade shows are becoming increasingly important.