A nice promotional photo that pops up is a combination of photographic elements, shooting space, shooting practice, and models hired to interact with the product in the photo. Each element is critical and determines the success of the promotional image. The model is considered to be “the spirit of the product,” or it is the person who will directly use the product, capture the product information and highlight the outstanding features with the customer. To do that work requires that the selected model must carefully select and meet the requirements of the manufacturer and the production team. What are the criteria for choosing a modeling advertisement?

Age appropriate to the product

Model photographed commercials of various ages

Today’s products are extremely diverse and take into account the suitability for each age of the customer. Same product company, but kind of children and also types of adults by age, or group together for the elderly and young people. Choosing the right age of the model will bring a closer look to customers with the product because the same age so the style and trend will be the same.

Assuming that when you take a photo of a medication that deals with osteoarthritis medications, the majority of those ages is older, older, so choosing a midwifery version will suit. They are more youthful and less likely to develop osteoarthritis. When photographing a clothing product, it is important to determine what the trend of the collection is for which age, as there are designs that look young but the texture looks old and old, It will be more suitable for middle-aged models.

The prototype of the photo shoot is the standard shape, suitable

When photographing a clothing product, instead of using a mannequin, you can choose a model that has a physique, height and weight that is average, not too thin or too fat. Those with a standard shape will look up at the look of their clothes. However, in many cases, the selection of models depends on the requirements of the product, such as fat or maternity clothing, from the name of the product can capture subjects. Find sample photos.

Or when photographing a home exercise machine, the model should choose a strong body, if the male must have a muscular body to be able to describe the maximum. The use of the product and the type of stimulus that customers want to use. You would not want to know more about a bodybuilding product when the ad is a fat, round or thin model with no sports cheer.

Sports model sports a healthy body

The working style of the model

Professional models always take the seriousness of their work, when they receive the product they will introduce, the model will find out information about the product, the application and features easy to collect. sucking of the product. For example, when taking a photo of a designer shirt, the model must find the details that are prominent on the shirt they are wearing, such as a blazer, a bow or two on the chest for customers to see the point. It makes the beauty of the costumes.

The professional photography photographer will listen to the product’s producer as well as the team capturing the spirit of the set and the guidelines for the most effective star shooting. As every manufacturer knows their product well, it knows the strength of the product and knows how to promote it.

Have more work experience and be as famous as possible

Take photo fashion with model

Modeling advertising with years of experience in the profession is easier to grasp than the newcomer, understanding what the manufacturer needs and quickly respond to that. Moreover, if the model is chosen as a celebrity, many of the audiences who know about the many years of work will bring more popularity to the product. As a result, brands are willing to spend a great deal of money to get celebrities as models for their products. However, the popularity will not include the scandal, whether large or small products will be afraid to cooperate with scandal models in the profession and out of society.


Choosing the model of advertising photography is critical to the success of the whole picture, is considered the face of the brand. In addition to the main criteria mentioned above, photographers need to have good health in order to keep up with their work if they need to shoot for a long time, and moreover, every model needs to have a passion for the profession. If you focus fully on the essentials, no team of photographers afraid to work with you and is likely to stick to the long.